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Who we are

My name's Tamarin, I run a one-woman-business with a mission to inspire sustainable change worldwide.

I'm passionate about sourcing sustainable alternatives, shopping second-hand, supporting ethical small businesses and my dogs.

I believe that every individual can have an impact and each purchase is a chance to vote for the future you want to see ~ shop consciously.

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What we do

I help lonely threads find their home.

Our unique second-hand products are perfect for conscious individuals who wanna look cute, spend less and help save our planet.

I am passionate about saving clothes from becoming landfill. That's why all our products are sold on consignment for friends of Cypress & Fox who want to share the love.

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⌄ Fashion facts ⌄

Fashion is the second largest industrial polluter in the world.

25% of all the chemicals produced worldwide are used in fashion.

70 billion barrels of oil are used each year to create polyester fabric.

It takes 2,700 litres of water to produce 1 cotton t-shirt.

Fashion accounts for 10% of the worlds global carbon emissions.